January 2019   Calendar

We received  a total of  $856.25 for the Lottie Moon Offering for International Missions.  


© Calvary Baptist Church, Lancaster SC   2018

Every Sunday

 9:45 AM  Children and Adults in Bible Study 

11:00 AM  Worship Service

 5:00 PM  Adult Choir Rehearsal


 Every Wednesday

10:00 AM  Prayer & Bible Study

    6:30 PM  TeamKID

    6:30PM  English Class




Sunday, January 6

  9:45 AM  Sunday School / Adult Bible Study

11:00 AM  Worship Service

 Sermon by Rev. Jimmy Fox 


  "Glimpes of Glory" 

     Isaiah 60: 1-6  

   5:00 PM Choir Rehearsal  


Monday, January 7

11:00 AM Women's Mission Group


Wednesday, January 9    6:30PM 

TeamKID Resumes 

English Class Resumes 


Sunday, January 13

    9:45 AM Sunday School / Adult Bible Study

  11:00 AM:  Worship Service

   Sermon by Rev. Jimmy Fox 

     "It's Inventory Time!"

           Ephesians 4:11-16

         No Choir Rehearsal 


Sunday, January 20 

9:45 AM Sunday School / Adult Bible Study

 11:00 AM  Worship Service    

 Sermon by Rev. Jimmy Fox

  The Wisdom of Small Creatures 

   Proverbs 30:24-28

   5:00 PM  Choir Rehearsal




Sunday, January 28

9:45 AM   Sunday School 

11:00 AM  Worship 

Sermon by Rev.  Jimmy Fox

No Choir Rehearsal 



Sunday, Febuary 3

Souper Bowl Sunday