AWANA Leaders and Clubbers - Fall, 2010

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Our AWANA Beginnings!

Calvary Baptist began the Awana Ministry for children on Aug 16, 2006.  

The church began the program knowing that there were only -4 prospective children enrolled in Sunday School at the time.   

The 2006-07 year we had classes for preschoolers (Cubbies); kindergarten through grade 2 (Sparks) and grades 3 - 6 (T&T which stands for Truth and Training).   Attendance grew in 2006 to 14 clubbers.  

Each week the children participated in games, story time, hearing about God, and memorization of key Bible verses.  (Note: By the time a child has participated and grown to the 6th grade, she/he will have learned and reviewed approximately 349 verses.)

As 2 Timothy 2:15 says, we must be diligent to present ourselves to God as approved workmen who are not ashamed to share the gospel. This is the motto of Awana clubbers and a verse that each clubber commits to memory. 

Please continue to pray for us as we attempt to serve God in such an exciting way to reach children with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


  Jim,  The AWANA Commander    2007


   AWANA Awards Night      April 25, 2007  

 A total of 54 people attended our first AWANA Awards Night and Hotdog Cookout.   Of this 54 attending were our Awana staff, clubbers and their parents/guests.  The Awana staff appreciated the support of church members who attended also. 

Update:  August 2007 

An addition of the class for clubbers in grades 7-8 (Trek).   


Update:  November 2008

From the beginning of Awana (the fall of 2006) through the week of November 19th, 2008, eleven clubbers have memorized 187 Bible verses!

Update:  May 2009 

Awana Awards Night was celebrated May 13, 2009 with a hamburger cookout.  Sixteen clubbers participated this past year with a total of 281 Bible verses learned.  Cubbie member, Jacob S., age 3, was named Clubber of the Year with a total of 38 Bible verses memorized for the year.  


August 18, 2010    AWANA Registration  and Fellowship 

August 25, 2010    AWANA Begins 


Update:  November 21, 2010  AWANA Family Day  with SC AWANA Missionaries,  Bill and Denise Fugel






AWANA Leaders and Clubbers

Spring, 2007