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AWANA 2011-2012


2011-2012 was a great year in Awana with the gospel message presented at each meeting.  Bible verses were memorized, exciting Awana games were played, and fun activities were held throughout the entire year.  Some of the activities included a birthday party for Jesus during December when we shared a birthday cake and sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus. 

During September we had a family night when parents or family friends could visit in all of the classrooms to see what goes on at an Awana club night.  In February we had movie night when all clubbers could bring their sleeping  bags to enjoy popcorn and a movie.  During the month of March on every Wednesday evening, the Awana clubbers learned interesting facts about the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  When Easter arrived in April, we had a "Resurrection Egg Hunt".  As the clubbers found special eggs with items inside them, they were asked to tell what those special items represented in the Easter story.

On the first Wednesday evening in May, we held our end-of-the year Awana Awards Ceremony.  Each child who had worked hard to learn verses and complete their handbooks were presented with a ribbon or award.  The theme of our ceremony this year was the Olympics.  The clubbers marched in to the Olympic theme music waving American flags.  As each child received their award, they stood on a tiered platform, much like the ones in the Olympics.  Mexican food was prepared and served by Danny and Doloris Leon and was enjoyed by all.    

Come join us in our new Awana year as we begin on August 29, 2012 for a taste of the fun and satisfaction of belonging to Awana.







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August 29th